What do we do?

Basically anything that you want to do in World Of Tanks, but don’t have time, skill, patience, reflexes, willpower or something else. Do you want to grind out new tank line to tier 10, but massive grind is just not something you enjoy? Have you always wanted to drive that Object 279 Early, but sheer amount of commitment and willpower needed to endure through whole campaign is borderline ridiculous? Does 3 shiny marks of excellence on T95/FV4201 Chieftain sounds pretty amazing to you, but maintaining 6000 damage for the duration seems a bit over the top? Do you want to get into gold league during ranked battles to get maximum amount of tokens for that exclusive tank, but event is during the holidays and you want to spend time with your family? Do you have a bunch of X5 bonuses for certain tanks and you want to squeeze maximum  possible amount of XP out of it? We can do all these for you and more. Don’t see the service you need on our list, just contact us for personal quote.

What are our strengths?



We are always willing act according to your requirements and instructions.



Anytime ready to help you with your questions or order, always glad to see you.



Our team of boosters consist of players that are top 5% of the server population.



Your personal info is safe with us and never will be disclosed to anyone else.


How do i pay for the service?

All payments are made via this website on through the order form. We will never ask you to send payment directly to some Paypal account and especially not as friends and family option.

Someone on discord is asking me for payment for your service?

We would never ask you for payment through the discord, you are talking with impersonator. Please verify that you got the discord user correctly.

How can i see your full list of services?

Please choose “Our Services” from the menu on the left, then choose your platform and service type on the right. Full list of available services for your selected choices will be displayed.

I have made and order and payment, what now?

After we have received your payment and order details, we will start it within 24 hours. Once your order have been completed we will notify you via email.

Can I play during the order?

Yes, you can play during the order up to 5 hours per day ideally. This way we have enough time to complete your order without delays.

Can I get refund if my service is not yet completed fully or started?

Yes, you will get full refund if your service is not started yet or partial if it is started, but not completed.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, with each purchase you earn points which in turn unlock levels and for each level you get a permanent discount. You can see your current level in your account page, discount is applied automatically to all your order once it is unlocked.

Our reviews

Trustworthy, genuine and a pleasure to do business with

If you need a guide to help you in your games. These guys here provide a fantastic service.

Allan Schiller
Thursday, December 3, 2023
Fast, Well, Friendly and Secure

The order was finished in no time. And the communication between costumer and seller was really friendly. Very well done, definitely a place I would return too.

Friday, November 20, 2023
All is good

All is good, boosting is perfect and contact is fast. You can trust Safeboost in 100%

Arkadiusz Dudko
Wednesday, November 4, 2023
Just perfect

Well, the boosting is just perfect. They are playing completely professional and do not write anything on your account. It is completely safe to boost your account with this service. And they are pretty fast with the missions. That is unbelievable. I would do it again

Sunday, November 1, 2023
Very great service

Before ordering, I had specific questions about the game and they answered in great detail of how the order was going to be done and the price estimate. Order was done a day sooner than I expected. Great customer service and will use again soon.

Klein Tsuboi
Thursday, October 22, 2023
Safeboost is the best

Safeboost is the best. Every time they have completed my orders quickly, very professionally and to a high standard. Definitely recommend the team at Safeboost.

Stijn Puttemans
Thursday, October 15, 2023
Best of the best

Only them! Best of the best ! Great cooperation, quick implementation time and they achieve maximum results. Everything you need full professionalism can only be obtained from them! There is no better communication anywhere. I recommend it with all my heart !!!!

Dominik N.
Monday, October 12, 2023
Very Good Service.

I first thought this is a Scam but it wasnt. I texted the Owner on Discord and he was very nice and always Awnsered my questions Fast an precisely. And the Service was REALLY fast. My first Order was 45k XP on Challenger. It was completed in 2hours. Then I ordered 100k XP on Charioteer and the Job was done In a Half day. So big thanks to Safeboost. Will buy again

Lego Channel
Wednesday, October 7, 2023
The best there is

I have used a few different boosting teams for Frontlines, Steel Hunter and credit grinds. Safeboost is the best. Every time they have completed my orders quickly, very professionally and to a high standard. Definitely recommend the team at Safeboost.

Friday, October 2, 2023
Professional, quick, reliable service, I love it

So far i ordered several Million Kredits, up to 500k free Exp. they played the IS-3-II for me and so far I'm loving it the service is super fast, they play with super stats, and if I wanna play, I simply send them a message on discord or a mail when i log on and again when i log off. they are flexible and ask before changing equipment and stuff. super friendly and trustworthy. went there so many times and still happy.

Daniella Holland
Saturday, September 26, 2023