XP Grind

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You need to have premium account active for the order duration

You must have 100 gold in case we need to move equipment around

You must have enough credits for us to complete the order

short faq

Will I need to convert the XP you earn on premium and Elite tanks to free XP with gold?

Yes you will need to do that.

Do I get a discount if I have XP reserves/boosters?

Unfortunately we can not give you discount based on that, but your order will be completed faster.

If I order 500 000 XP on specific tank line how will you grind it?

We will start from lowest tier tank that you have researched for that specific tank line and work from there by researching and buying only necessary modules and tanks for next tank in line.



+679 973 40 65

+679 759 51 79


+679 759 51 79

+679 973 40 65