victory grind

This service is for PC platform only

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You must have crews with at least 3 perks at 100%

You need to have premium account active for the order duration

You must have 100 gold in case we need to move equipment around

You must have enough credits for us to complete the order

short faq

What is this service useful for?

Victory grind service is useful for people who for example have a lot of X5 bonuses, or high % reserves/boosters available. They can earn maximum possible XP by hiring our high skilled player who will do his best in each battle.

Can I specify exactly which reserves and bonuses should be used and how many of them?

Yes you can, please write all the details together with which tanks should be used in the specified box in the form.

Can I use this service to level up my crews?

This is perfect service for leveling up your crews, just specify in the form which tanks should be used and that crew training checkbox should be ticked.