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You must have crews with at least 2 perks at 100%

You need to have premium account active for the order duration

You must have 100 gold in case we need to move equipment around

You must have at least 2 tier 8 premium tanks

short faq

If I choose farm on specific tanks, can I choose any tank I want?

It must be tier 8 premium tank.

Do you count just the directly farmed credits or anything else on top?

We count all the bonus incomes that are earned by game play. For example campaign missions rewards, event rewards, vault rewards and so on. Screenshots will be provide for these in addition to session mod screenshot.

Why would i buy this service if I can buy credits directly from Wargaming by converting gold?

When you buy credits directly from Wargaming you don`t get following bonuses: crew XP, Convertible XP, stats increase, campaigns progression, battle pass progression and so on.