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You must have crews with at least 2 perks at 100%

You need to have premium account active for the order duration

You must have 100 gold in case we need to move equipment around

You must have at least 1 tier 10 tank of each type except artillery

You must have Excalibur campaign completed

short faq

If I choose “Get Chimera“ which tank lines and how many of them you will do?

We will choose shortest and fastest way to the reward tank.

Can i get a discount if I order several tanks at once. For example Excalibur + Chimera + Object 279 Early?

Yes you can get a discount if you order at least two tanks, contact us for precise quote.

Why only 15th missions can be chosen with honors?

We don`t do other mission with honors, only 15th missions can be ordered with honors. And for getting the Chimera it doesn`t matter if any other than 15th mission are done with honors.