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This service is for PC platform only

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You must have enough credits for us to complete the order

You must have captains with at least 15 points

You need to have premium account active for the order duration

You must have 200 doubloons in case we need to move equipment around

short faq


We don`t do seal clubbing, we only play tier 5 ships or higher, normally this service is done on tier 8-10 ships.

What win rate should i be expecting from this service?

On average our boosters play with 60%+ win rate, but bad sessions happen, especially for smaller sessions. If you order 100+ battles, then 60%+ win rate is almost certain.

Will you spend my doubloons?

We will spend your doubloons to move equipment from ship to ship. Also we might need to spend doubloons to move and retrain captains, but we will ask you about it before hand.

Can I play during the order?

Yes, you can play during the order. Fill out relevant fields in the checkout.

Will you use my signals and camouflages?

We might use your signals and camouflages if we feel it is needed. Also if you want us to use any specific signals or camouflages write that in “Additional info” field in the checkout.



+679 973 40 65

+679 759 51 79


+679 759 51 79

+679 973 40 65